Sunday, November 22, 2009

Another first flintlock deer

Andrew got his first and on Tuesday evening it was my turn! I went back to the field where I saw the buck chasing a doe on Saturday evening. I knew the spot where the deer usually come out in the field late in the day so I knew where I wanted to be if the wind was right and it was just perfect. As I approached the spot where I was going to sit a small buck was already there and ran in to the woods. I thought that might hurt my chances but I sat down against a pine tree and started waiting. It was starting to get dark and suddenly a big buck walked out in the field and started walking straight toward me! When he got about 50 yards from me I fired and he disappeared in a cloud of smoke. He turned and ran straight away from me and in to a low spot in the field. Since it was close to dark I jumped up and ran up the hill to see where he went and was glad I did. He was running straight out of the field but at the last second turned left and went to the bottom of the field. I eased over to where he went in the woods but didn't go in as I wanted to give him some time. I left and got Andrew and we went back and found him about 20 yards inside the woods. He was a 7 pointer and close to 200 pounds.

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