Sunday, November 22, 2009

Another Buck!

Andrew and I went hunting again Saturday and had another good day. We hunted in the woods near the field where I killed the buck on Tuesday. Andrew stayed down close to the field and I went up farther in the woods. Not long after daylight I saw several deer over across the creek that was below me. I saw several does running back and forth and then a buck chasing after them. This went on for about 15 minutes or so, they were about 150 yards away from me. They moved off out of sight for a while and then suddenly a big doe came out of nowhere and stepped across the creek 25 yards down the hill from me. I could have shot her but I thought the buck was probably close behind and just then he stepped out. I pulled the trigger and when the smoke cleared I saw him running up the hill and heard him crash on the other side of the creek. As I was reloading a spike stepped out and walked toward where Andrew was but he never saw it. As I got up and went to where I shot the buck the spike and three other spikes walked in close to me and then moved off up the hill. Andrew came up but he thought my the shot was someone else so he was surprised to find out that I had a deer down! We went and found him. He was a seven pointer and around 150 pounds.

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