Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our First Mini Trek

Last Saturday, we went on a small trek on the mountain near where we live. The mountain is actually named after a man who hunted there in the 1750s. Our mission was to trek in and set up a hunter camp that we can go back to. We started on a lean-to shelter.

There were several small trees bent over that provided the intitial frame. We then began adding limbs to make the structure.

We pretty much got the structure built. It will need a layer of pine limbs and dry leaves next time.

While Alan worked on the shelter, I went out to find some lunch. After a short walk down an old logging road, a nice fat squirrel presented itself. I had my .62 cal fowler loaded with #6 shot and they did a nice job on the squirrel.
We gathered some dry wood and Alan got the fire going with his flint and steel. It wasn't long until we were enjoying our squirrel and a nice cake of bannock bread. This was my first attempt at bannock and it turned out pretty nicely! We hope to go back and finish the camp soon, so stay tuned! :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Deer Season Is Over

Deer season has come to a close in our part of North Carolina. We ended the season with a couple of snow hunts! One a few weeks back in Watagua County and the other this past weekend at home. We got a really nice winter storm on Dec. 18th that left about 7-8" of snow. We found quite a few tracks in the snow both trips and saw a few does, but we didn't come away with any more deer. It was a great season though! Alan got his two bucks and I got my doe. All killed in 18th century fashion with no bait or tree stands!

I would like to try to get a few squirrels and maybe a few rabbits over the winter to tide us over to spring when we'll be after turkeys! I think taking a spring gobbler in period attire would about the ultimate and I hope to get one this spring. I will post a few pictures from the snow hunt.